Anger Management Classes in NY

AngerMasters gives you the chance to enroll in our anger management classes in NY today. You may be required to enroll in such an anger management program by the court, a parole or probation officer, an employer or another organization in the state of New York. 

What makes our anger management courses different is that they are accepted by every court or another institution that allows distant learning. In order to check whether your Certificate of Completion is approved by the courts in your county, take a look below.

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County acceptance in New York

Some counties in the state of New York may not allow distance learning. Below, you will find a list with all counties statewide. We recommend you to check whether your Certificate of Completion will be accepted in New York.

Red-colored county names are known to reject distant learning providers.
Starting from only $24.99 for our 4-hour anger management class in NY, we provide you with access to a number of other courses of varying duration. On AngerMasters you can also find 6,8,12,16,24,40,52 - hour online anger management classes in New York. What they have in common is that all of them are completely online, self-paced and self-study and have no hidden costs. For the price given, you will receive a free, instant Certificate of Completion once you complete your education.

What is more, our NY anger management program is written by a NAMA credentialed expert and is designed to meet the national and state standards. According to recent research, our courses in New York are approved in Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, NYC and many other cities statewide. Although anger management classes in NYC are among the most popular in the state, every person who lives in New York can take advantage of our courses and make the first step towards changing their life today.

Cities With Most Enrollees in New York
Kiamesha Lake
Smithville Flats
Lake Huntington
Holland Patent
Ocean Beach
North Blenheim

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