Guarantees by AngerMasters

The family of AngerMasters is working hard to help people from all over the country develop skills to cope with anger through education and understanding. On top of that, we must assist you in meeting the court or the probation requirements. 

Before your registration, we highly recommend that you check our records of counties that have accepted certificates of completion in the past. 
Click here to check county acceptance.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Your course completion certificate will be accepted or we will refund your money. That's it - plain and simple - a full refund if your certificate of completion is rejected.

* Save your time & money! More on no-card upfront below.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Our prices are the lowest in the industry! If you happen to find a similar, lower-cost anger management course we will match the cost of the competition - just contact us!

* No hidden costs! Courses start from $19.99

No Card Upfront

Saves you time and money!
As we realize that your documents must be accepted to be of use, we provide you with verifiable Letter of Enrollment as soon as you make your registration on

Next, the Letter of Enrollment which you receive at no additional cost is on your disposal before you make your payment. That’s right! Until a number of other companies guarantee you that your documents will be accepted after you spend time and money on their classes, AngerMasters gives you a chance to secure your acceptance.

You are NOT required to pay until after you have received confirmation that this online anger management class will be accepted and that it meets the requirements mandated from the court or any other entity.

On the other hand, If anything occurs and once you finish the anger management online class, your Certificate of Completion is rejected for any reason, contact us and we will issue a full refund.

No Hidden Costs

Saves you unexpected expenses!
Plenty of websites will charge you numerous times during your anger management course. Most competitors will bill you extra for items such as:
  • Letter of Enrollment
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Workbooks
  • Books and other content materials

We will not charge you extra for any of those or any other additional items!

Convinced already?

Save yourself from unnecessary efforts and enroll now!

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