Course Pricing

In most cases, the judge, the probation officer or the entity that mandated the anger management class will state their requirements in terms of the duration of the class. In those cases, we highly recommend to *not* enroll shorter duration course. If your requirement changes at any time we will adapt the curriculum.

* Lowest price guarantee applies. If you find a similar course at a lower rate just shoot us an email and we will adjust accordingly. View our lowest price guarantee.

Custom durations available

If you need a custom time duration course we will gladly arrange a course that will respect the mandated duration. Just send an email to with the details and we will contact you shortly.

Which course is right for you?

If you do not have a requirement that you need to satisfy or you want to take the course check out the description below.

This online anger management class provided by AngerMasters will help you raise your anger awareness. In the very beginning, we will clarify the expectations and describe the journey - happiness is not a destination but it is a way of life. This anger management program will introduce educational topics on the basics of anger such as:
  • what is anger?
  • recognizing healthy and unhealthy anger
  • self-awareness
  • levels of awareness
  • what is anger management
  • some basic calming techniques
  • discuss emotions such as compassion & empathy
The most valuable lesson in the course is that anger is a universal emotion - there's no shame in experiencing anger.

Identifying Anger Triggers

8-hour Anger Management class * class duration suits most people
The 8-hour anger management program builds on the anger awareness content and it will advance and explore new anger subjects. Essentially, we will teach you ways to identify, understand and deal with emotional triggers. Some topics discussed in the course are:
  • defusing personal triggers
  • emotional intelligence
  • stereotyping
  • criticism
  • shame
  • new techniques to manage anger
The most beneficial takeaway from the course is the skill to choose better alternatives to anger.

Cultivating Anger Management Skills

12-hour Anger Management class * class duration is the most beneficial for most people
The 12-hour course for anger management will help you cultivate your anger management skills. The content will cover almost all aspects of anger and it will help you develop healthy habits that will help you manage anger the best. Some of the techniques addressed in the course are:
  • relaxation techniques and mindfulness
  • conflict resolution skills
  • stress management skills
  • anxiety management skills
Developing new habits takes time and we believe that a 12-hour class for anger management is the most valuable option if you deeply desire to get on the path of transforming your life.

Transforming your Life

16-hour Anger Management class
Developing new habits takes time but unlearning old ones even more. The 16-hour program for anger management will further your education into healthy habits. Needless to say, maintaining equilibrium will help strengthen your anger management skills. We, at AngerMasters, firmly believe that it takes time to break the vicious cycle of anger.

This course boosts your chances of eradicating anger and it will help you live your life healthily, it will improve your relations, and it will promote your overall happiness.
* We kindly remind our clients and website visitors that the provided courses are strictly educational. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

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