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What Is The Right Course For Me?

In selecting the most appropriate anger management course duration tailored to individual needs, it is crucial to consider the guidelines provided in the three scenarios below. These scenarios are presented alternatively and offer valuable insights into course selection based on varying circumstances. It is vital to adhere to the requirements set by the mandating entity and communicate effectively regarding the course duration to prevent potential rejection. The scenarios shed light on adhering to mandated durations, customizing course lengths post-assessment, and choosing durations within a flexible range, ensuring participants align their course selection with the prescribing entities' guidelines for successful completion.

Scenario 1

For individuals mandated by an authority with a set course duration, adherence to these requirements is crucial. Institutions like courts, employers, educational institutions, legal representatives, state and county officials are among the entities that may specify the number of hours or weeks needed for the anger management class. We emphasize following these guidelines diligently to ensure compliance and successful completion of the program. Participants are encouraged to strictly adhere to the prescribed course duration as outlined by the mandating body to meet all necessary criteria for certification. It's essential to note that AngerMasters does not hold responsibility if participants fail to follow the requirements set forth by the entity requiring the course.

Scenario 2

In instances where an anger management assessment is mandated without a predetermined course duration, we conduct comprehensive evaluations to ascertain customized course lengths. Participants receive valuable insights and a 15% discount coupon for any course purchase on AngerMasters upon assessment completion. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend engaging with the mandating authority before enrolling in the suggested course duration to ensure alignment with their guidelines. It is essential to adhere to the assessment results and enroll in the specified course duration in order to keep the mandating entity's approval.

Scenario 3

Where authorities do not specify a course duration and assessment is not mandated, participants may choose courses ranging from 1 to 52 hours or weeks. While our offerings encompass various durations, ensuring concordance with the prescribing entity is paramount. AngerMasters does not bear responsibility if courses are declined by entities due to participants selecting brief durations, hence enrollees are urged to consult the authority regarding the chosen course duration. The table below outlines the differences in course durations and their most suitable applications. Understanding these distinctions can aid in selecting the optimal course length aligned with individual needs and circumstances.

Recommendations for course duration

4-8 Hour/Week

Recommendation: Typically advised for minor offenses or initial anger management assessments; employers for minor workplace conflicts, behavioral issues and/probation officers for individuals under supervision who exhibit early indications of anger issues that need addressing.

Practical Cases: Non-verbal anger expressions, first-time offenders, and early-stage anger management intervention.

8-16 Hour/Week

Recommendation: Commonly recommended for individuals with moderate anger issues; courts for cases involving moderate altercations or aggression and state/county officials for localized incidents or situations where a moderate level of intervention is deemed necessary.

Practical Cases: Verbal anger outbursts, recurring anger incidents, and individuals needing a more in-depth understanding of anger management techniques.

16-24 Hour/Week

Recommendation: Suitable for those with escalating anger patterns or moderate aggression levels; legal representatives for legal compliance and regulatory bodies for comprehensive interventions.

Practical Cases: Severe verbal conflicts, escalating anger leading to potential aggression, and individuals requiring comprehensive anger management strategies.

24-36 Hour/Week

Recommendation: Often prescribed for individuals displaying severe aggression or risk of violent behavior and recurrent anger episodes; state officials for serious cases and county authorities for local enforcement. 

Practical Cases: Physical confrontations, increasing aggression levels, individuals at risk of violent behavior, and those needing intensive anger management interventions.

36-52 Hour/Week

Recommendation: Reserved for cases involving serious violence, physical harm, or high-risk individuals; judges for severe cases and employers for workplace safety in severe situations involving repeated aggressive behavior or individuals posing a threat to others.

Practical Cases: Instances of physical violence, repeated aggressive behavior, individuals posing a threat to others, and those necessitating extensive evaluation and treatment for anger-related issues.

Hourly/Weekly Courses

Hourly Classes: Typically cater to accidental occurrences or minor incidents of anger outbursts; address immediate issues and provide quick interventions for early-stage anger management concerns.

Weekly Classes: Focus on long-term behavior change, lasting several weeks to engage participants for sustained improvement and habit removal; tailored for individuals with enduring anger issues requiring comprehensive intervention and skill development over an extended period.

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