8-Week Anger Management Classes

This 8-week anger management class is presented in 8 separate sessions, access to each of which participants get once a week - on Mondays. It will take you approximately 2 months or 8 weeks to complete this anger management training, developed by a certified instructor to meet the requirements of a number of institutions across the country. The 8-week anger management course is specially designed to meet the requirements of courts, employers, child welfare, parole and probation officers, state and county officials, businesses and family members. 

However, for the ones to whom the class is not mandated by an institution, the 8-week anger management program is appropriate and extremely beneficial for self-growth and developing personal skills as well as emotional intelligence. The training is entirely remote, without the need to attend face-to-face classes, and most importantly, it provides valuable information about anger, its origins, manifestations and causes, as well as a bunch of methods for its regulation in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. In fact, by enrolling today, you can benefit from a completely online court-mandated anger management program with no hidden fees and free certificate of completion.

You can check out our 8-hour anger management class or more durations of our other classes.
Some Topics Covered in the Class
  • Topics From The 6-Week Program
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Shame
  • Awareness of Anger Triggers
  • Making Compromises
  • Self Awareness
  • Judgement and Criticalness
  • Communication Skills

Nationally Accepted

Court Recognized

Employer Approved

Free Certificate

Certified Instructor

Self Paced

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