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Court Approved Anger Management Classes

Enroll in self-paced, self-study and completely online court approved anger management classes with continuity from 1 up to 52 hours/weeks. Our courses have strictly educational purposes and are known to be nationally recognized by courts and entities that allow distance learning.

What is more, the programs provided by AngerMasters are developed by a certified anger management specialist - CAMS - I to cover the courts’ standards. Our anger management classes for court come with no hidden fees, the lowest price guarantee and start from only $24.99.

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    Choose from courses ranging from 1-52 hours/weeks to gain vital life skills and take control of your life!
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    Our online program offers a comprehensive approach that helps you identify triggers, manage emotions, and communicate effectively.
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    The curriculum helps you to develop essential skills for maintaining positive relationships and reducing stress.
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Lowest Price Guarantee
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Anger Assessment

Ideal for individuals seeking guidance on suitable courses, this assessment evaluates anger levels and provides expert direction. Explore the in-depth anger assessment priced at $29.99, inclusive of a customized Letter of Recommendation upon completion. Enjoy a 15% discount voucher applicable to any course purchase as an expression of gratitude.

What is The Right Course For Me?

In navigating anger management course durations, adherence to mandated guidelines is key. Whether following set durations by authorities, customizing lengths post-assessment, or selecting within a flexible range, aligning with prescribing entities is crucial for successful completion. Understanding scenarios and course duration recommendations aids in tailored selection for individual needs.

Course Acceptance
United States
  • Widely accepted by states and counties across the United States
  • Curriculum is developed in compliance with the US national standards
  • Certificate is approved by US entities and officials that allow distance learning
  • Widely recognized across all provinces and territories in Canada
  • Curriculum adheres to the Canadian national standards
  • Certificate is endorsed by Canadian authorities that allow remote learning

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion characterized by impatience with someone or something that you believe has intentionally harmed you.


Anger can be positive. Very often through it we find a way to express our negative feelings, for example. In other cases, it is the red light that informs us that something is wrong and motivates us to find solutions to the problems.


Excessive anger can cause problems such as increased blood pressure and other physical changes that can make it difficult to think adequately - very often in a fit of anger a person says "my curtain fell", "my mind is clouded" or "I black out and nothing is I remember".


What actually happens in our brains and bodies when we are angry?


Anger triggers the body's fight-or-flight response. Other emotions that trigger this reaction include fear, excitement, and anxiety. The adrenal glands flood the body with stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Blood is concentrated in the muscles to prepare the body for exercise. Heart rate, blood pressure and breathing increase, body temperature rises and the skin sweats. The mind is sharpened and focused. 

When Should I Enroll in Online Court Approved Anger Management Classes?

Too often people refuse to admit they have an anger management issue and resort to an anger management class at the request of a relative, family member, or employer. However, there are a number of scenarios in which a judge may order a person to enroll in such a course. A court ordered anger management class can be imposed on a person for various types of misdemeanor crimes, including destruction and damage to property, threatening behavior, disorderly conduct, and more. Sometimes such courses are also recommended to people who are going through a difficult divorce or child custody or have aggressive behavior towards others - road rage, fights in community places, quarrels with neighbors, etc.


In the case of such a manifestation, the court often requires the person go through an anger management course in lieu of jail time. Whatever the case may be, if the court mandates the completion of an anger management training, these requirements become a legal obligation.


However, when the court orders a person to take part in anger management class, it is usually a training consisting of 8, 12 or 26 sessions. However, in most cases, the judge explicitly states the required number of sessions that the participant must go through. Note, that we traditionally advise our clients to strictly comply with the requirements of the courts and to enroll in a program with a duration equal to or greater than that specified. Otherwise, the judge can reject the certificate and require you to enroll in new training. 


Court Ordered Anger Management Classes by AngerMasters

AngerMasters provides online court approved anger management classes with different continuity in order to meet the court standards. Our programs are presented with durability from 1 up to 52 hours/weeks. And while you have absolute control and can set the pace of the hourly courses yourself, taking the 52-hour anger management class for a few days, for instance, weekly courses are a bit different and you can only go through a single session per week. 


Furthermore, the court mandated anger management classes provided by AngerMasters are developed and written by a certified anger management specialist - CAMS - I and a member of the National Anger Management Association(NAMA). Our programs are nationally recognized and are known to be widely accepted by courts and judges all over the country that allow distance learning. However, we highly recommend our participants to check their state and county acceptance before starting. In addition, you can always send a copy of your letter of enrollment to the party that required you to participate in the program as soon as you register for the anger management course. 


Last but not least, our anger management classes for court have the lowest price guarantee and start from only $24.99. AngerMasters’ programs have no additional fees and both the letter of enrollment and the certificate of completion are included in the course price. 

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