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AngerMasters invites you to take part in our completely online anger management classes with durability from 1 up to 52 hours/weeks. Learn how to control your anger, research its outbursts and warning signs and obtain useful techniques to cope with it.

Our anger control training is developed by a certified specialist and is designed to meet the national, court, judge, parole and probation officer and employer’s requirements. Our program is widely recognized across the United States. Enroll now and get your free, instant letter of enrollment and certificate of completion.

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    Our online program offers a comprehensive approach that helps you identify triggers, manage emotions, and communicate effectively.
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    The curriculum helps you to develop essential skills for maintaining positive relationships and reducing stress.
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Anger Control Issues and Their Impact

Anger is an emotional state that traditionally could range in intensity from mild irritation to intense rage. Anger also has external manifestations, including accelerated heart activity, increased blood pressure, as well as levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline in the blood.


Anger is a normal and healthy emotion, but when you lose control of it, it can take a toll on your relationships, health, and mood. A calmer, more peaceful life involves two very important elements - becoming aware of the reasons that made us angry and learning effective ways to control anger outbursts.


We can't ask ourselves not to get angry, but we can aim for our anger to lead to constructive results, to manage it so that it builds new patterns, not just destroys.


But everyone knows that anger is one of our most fiery, most consuming emotions, and it's easy to lose control of it. If this happens often or if we feel chronic irritation, it is good to think about what we can do so that we do not lose control, so that it is easier for ourselves.


It is within everyone's ability to learn to express anger without causing harm. Mastering this skill will not only make you feel better and contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling life, but it will also make your relationships with others much more peaceful and fulfilling. Controlling anger is an art that takes work and patience to master.


Ways to Control Your Anger

In order to learn how to control your anger, you should start performing the following techniques.


Find out what triggers your anger

If you feel like your anger is obsessing and spiraling out of control, you need to find out why. Often anger control issues are the result of what you learned in childhood. In adulthood, you react in ways that you have already adopted from those around you - a model where anger is expressed in a certain way - for example by shouting at others, throwing things, hitting, slamming doors, etc.


When this is the idea you have internalized, traumatic events and high levels of stress can also make you prone to anger and destructive behavior.


Learn to recognize the warning signs

Before anger erupts in full force, your body tells you of impending danger with clear signs that you must learn to recognize. This will help you take steps to successfully manage your anger. To be able to do this, pay attention to the way anger manifests in your body. Some of the symptoms are:


  • contraction of the stomach;

  • clenching of the fists, of the jaw;

  • rapid breathing;

  • headache;

  • need to move or walk;

  • concentrating thoughts in a vicious negative cycle;

  • rapid heartbeat;

  • shoulder tension.


Learn how to control your anger

Once you learn to recognize the warning signs of an outburst of anger, it will be much easier to keep it under control.


There are many techniques that can help you manage your anger, among which breathing control, physical activity, and counting stand out. In addition, you may start working on reframing your thoughts, strengthening your listening skills and improving your patience.


Enroll in Anger Control Training by AngerMasters

In order to help our participants to cope with anger, we, from AngerMasters developed online anger management classes with durability from 1 up to 52 hours/weeks. Our main purpose is to present to our clients meaningful content which includes a number of techniques and exercises to control anger.


Our anger control training is written and designed by a certified anger management specialist - CAMS - I and a member of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). Our courses are widely recognized within the United States and are known to be accepted by courts, judges, parole and probation officers, legal representatives, employers, family members and other entities and organizations within the country that allow distance learning. However, we advise our participants to check their home state and county acceptance before enrolling in the anger management course!


Furthermore, our online anger management control classes start from $24.99 and have no hidden fees. Enrolling now guarantees you that you will get your free, instant letter of enrollment and certificate of completion.


So, start improving your life today by taking part in this anger control program. Set the pace in accordance with your own schedule and obtain useful techniques and tips to control your anger.


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