6-Hour Anger Management Classes Online

AngerMasters presents to you a 6-hour anger management class that meets the court, employer and national standards. Being completely distance learning, the program is suitable for participants with busy schedules and such who prefer to not participate in group meetings and attendance courses. In addition, the 6-hour training provides an entry level of knowledge on anger occurrences as well as control exercises and techniques. Although it is developed by certified specialists to cover the judge, attorney and state standards, courts often require a participance in at least 8-hour anger management classes.

Furthermore, AngerMasters recommend this educational program to anyone who seeks personal development and growth as well as is interested in examining anger and its manifestations. Moreover, the 6-hour anger management course is provided with no hidden fees, free letter of enrollment and certificate of completion and is completely self-paced. Enroll today and learn how to cope with anger.
You can check out our 6-week anger management class or more durations of our other classes.
Some Topics Covered in the Class
  • Topics From The 4-Hour Program
  • Shame and Anger
  • Projection
  • Destructiveness
  • Dysfunctional Thinking
  • Meditation

Nationally Accepted

Court Recognized

Employer Approved

Free Certificate

Certified Instructor

Self Paced

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