26-Week Anger Management Class

The 26-week anger management class is the second longest, most detailed and in-depth training course offered by AngerMasters and is designed entirely to meet the requirements of courts, judges, attorneys, state and county officials, businesses and other institutions that may require you to go through such training. The affordable price and the free certificate of completion that is awarded to the enrollees at the end of the program are two of the advantages of this anger control training modeled by certified instructors in the field of anger management.

The 26-week program consists of 26 separate sessions, each unlocked every Monday for the specified number of weeks, with participants not being able to fast-track through the training. However, so that you can build your knowledge on a solid foundation, the lectures you have already taken remain available throughout the whole 26-week period as well as afterwards. A detailed examination of the matter allows the participants to meet anger on the chessboard and understand the deep reasons for its appearance, as well as look for them in their own example. Exercises and techniques for reduction, as well as insight into the essence of the problem, are skillfully deployed so that they can be well understood by all participants and to hold their attention. Whether it's mandated by an authority or you intend to enroll in a 26-week anger management course for your own growth, today is an excellent time to do so!
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Some Topics Covered in the Class
  • Topics From The 16-Week Program
  • Major Coping Mechanisms
  • Destructuring Dysfunctional Thoughts
  • Reactive and non-Reactive Anger
  • Developing Positive Communication Skills
  • Habits
  • Focus on the Positive

Nationally Accepted

Court Recognized

Employer Approved

Free Certificate

Certified Instructor

Self Paced

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