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Australia Anger Management Courses

AngerMasters is a leading provider of anger management courses in Australia. Our online classes are developed by a certified anger management specialist, ensuring the highest quality of content and guidance.

Various entities in Australia can mandate an anger management class. These include courts, probation or parole officers, workplace HR departments, rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, and government agencies. Anger management courses play a vital role in promoting personal growth, improved relationships, and overall emotional well-being.

We ensure that our online class meets the national standards and requirements of all states and territories in Australia. However, it is advisable for participants to check with their specific state or territory to confirm the acceptance of our certificate of completion.

  • Extensively acknowledged by Australia's states and territories
  • The curriculum complies with the national standards of Australia
  • Certificate is endorsed by Australian entities that allow remote learning

The 4-hour class contains 4 sessions and is designed to meet employers’ requirements.


Our 8-hour program is specially created to cover courts’ and probations’ standards.


The 12-hour course is required by the legal system entities and contains 12 sessions.


The 26-week class is for cases with severe or chronic patterns of anger-related issues.

Most Popular Classes in Australia

The duration of anger management courses mandated by various entities in Australia can vary. Courses ordered by courts typically range from a few weeks to several months. Furthermore, while the length of anger management courses mandated by workplaces can vary, the specific duration is usually determined by the severity of the behavior and the organization's policies.In family law cases, anger management courses may be required as part of ongoing intervention or co-parenting plans. The duration depends on the individual's progress and the complexity of the situation.

Nevertheless, our most popular courses in Australia are the 4-hour program which is usually preferred for covering employer’s requirements; the 8 and 12-hour classes that are most often mandated by courts; and the 26-week course which is our second most comprehensive educational program.

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Where do you provide anger management courses in Australia?

AngerMasters provides online anger management classes in all states and territories in Australia.

Are all states/territories accepting this online programme for anger management?

AngerMasters' programs are widely recognized across Australia. However, some states and territories have specific requirements in regards to anger management classes. We strongly advise our participants to send the enrollment letter for pre-approval to their local state or territory in order to find out if they approve of online learning. © · 2024