4-Hour Anger Management Classes Online

The 4-hour anger management class is suitable for you in case you are looking for an affordable program that offers distance learning without the need to attend on-site courses. Basically, the 4-hour anger management course offered by AngerMasters is absolutely suitable to cover the requirements of court orders, business and legitimate criteria as well as for personal development. However, we recommend our participants to keep in mind that courts almost always require the completion of at least an 8-hour anger management course.

By nature, this court-ordered anger management class is slightly more in-depth than the 1-hour course offered by AngerMasters, aiming to present basic guidelines, standards and definitions in the field of anger management, as well as introduce participants to basic control techniques. Furthermore, the course has no additional fees, provides participants with a free enrollment letter and certificate of completion, and is designed by certified anger management experts, making it recognized by a number of institutions, judges, lawyers, employers, state and county officials in the United States.
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Some Topics Covered in the Class
  • Topics From The 1-Hour Program
  • Self Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Advanced Calming Techniques
  • Physiology of Anger
  • Angry Brain

Nationally Accepted

Court Recognized

Employer Approved

Free Certificate

Certified Instructor

Self Paced

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