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The online anger management class is an educational program whose main purpose is to educate people to manage their anger. Such programs may be required in any state by the court, a probation officer, an employer, a school or other organizations. In case you are required to take part in anger management classes by an authority in Canada, please check your Canada province acceptance before starting.

AngerMasters online class is designed to meet the US national standards and requirements of all states and courts which allow distant learning. However, we usually recommend our participants to check whether the certificate of completion is accepted in their particular state and county. To get aware of the state-specific information for certificate acceptance, select your home state and county here.

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United States
  • Widely accepted by states and counties across the United States
  • Curriculum is developed in compliance with the US national standards
  • Certificate is approved by US entities and officials that allow distance learning

The 1-hour anger management class is our briefest and fastest to complete program.


The 4-hour class contains 4 sessions and is designed to meet employers’ requirements.


Our 8-hour program is specially created to cover courts’ and probations’ standards.


The 52-week anger management class is our longest and most comprehensive program.

Most Popular Classes in the United States

Anger management classes in the United States vary in duration and format depending on the requirements of different entities. For example, some states have specific mandates for the number of hours individuals must complete in an anger management program to regain their driver's or professional license. Employers may also have varying requirements, with some opting for a brief 1-hour course while others require a more comprehensive 8-hour program.

However, based on our extensive experience and feedback from thousands of participants, Anger Masters has identified the most popular anger management programs in the United States. These include the briefest and fastest-to-complete 1-hour program, the 4-hour course traditionally required by employers, the 8-hour anger management class mostly mandated by courts and probation officers, as well as our longest and most comprehensive 52-week program.

State Acceptance
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Guaranteed Acceptance

As part of our commitment to providing high-quality anger management courses in the United States and Canada, we guarantee acceptance of your course completion certificate or offer a full refund. You can trust in our courses and be confident that they will meet your needs. 

Lowest Price Guarantee

We pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices in the industry, and we back that up with our Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find a similar, lower-priced anger management course, contact us and we will offer you 50% off of the competitor's price.

No Hidden Costs Guarantee

AngerMasters is committed to transparency and honesty. We won't charge you extra for items such as letters of enrollment, certificates of completion and other content materials - unlike many of our competitors. You can trust us to provide a straightforward, hassle-free experience.

Is this online anger management course offered in all US states?

Yes, AngerMasters offers its online anger management courses in all US states.

Is this online anger management program accepted in all states?

The course is accepted in all states and almost all counties who allow distance learning. We highly recommend our participants to check whether their home state/county accept online education by sending to them the letter of enrollment for pre-approval. © · 2024