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AngerMasters provides you with completely online anger management classes at reasonable prices! Our courses have duration from 4 up to 52 hours and are designed by a NAMA certified instructor to meet the national standards.

Our anger management course’s certificate of completion is accepted in all states and almost all counties. What is more, our court-approved anger management program stands out with a number of other competitive advantages. Check them below or go straight to our courses.
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  • Completely online
  • Self-paced, self-study
  • Access from any device
  • Developed by experts
  • No presence required
  • Free certificate of completion
  • Free letter of enrollment
  • Developed by NAMA instructor
  • Accepted in all states
  • Classes from 4 up-to 52 hours

Lowest Price Guaranteed

  • No hidden costs
  • Courses starting from $24.99

If you find another provider with a cheaper course with the same hourly/weekly specifications, you will pay only 50% of the competitor's price.

Free Letter of Enrollment, Free Certificate of Completion, and no additional costs for workbooks or any other material.

Guaranteed Acceptance

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Full refund available

AngerMasters will refund your money if the court/employer doesn't accept your letter of enrollment or certificate of completion.

Learn more about the other guarantees provided by AngerMasters.

Nationally Recognized

  • Accepted by courts and employers
  • Accepted in all states

Our online anger management class is developed to meet the requirements of courts, probation/parole officers, legal representatives and employers.

Check whether your certificate of completion will be accepted by you state/county.

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I am glad I found online anger management classes at so affordable prices. I experienced some financial issues and was unable to attend any classes, so this model completely worked for me.

~ K. P.
To admit, I was very sceptic at first for I did not believe that some anger management class for less than $20 can help you overcome your anger and anxiety. However, the breathing technique turned out to be very useful, so are the other materials provided.

~ N. L.
My anger management certificate of completion was accepted by the court, so I believe this course was worth every penny.

~ A. M.
I recommend Anger masters when it comes to courses in anger management. The lectures are easy to understand and the exercises make you think about your personal experiences. In the end, you receive a certificate of completion at no additional costs. Excellent service!

~ S. V.

Anger as a Phenomenon and its Influence

One of the biggest obstacles that block the development of any individual is anger. From an early age a person is brought up to suppress negative emotions in order to be accepted by society. In this way, however, negative emotions accumulate and do not disappear. And at one point they find another behavioral or physical expression.


Unfortunately, many of us don't even realize how much anger we keep in ourselves. According to a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, nearly 8% of adolescents have anger issues that coincide with transient explosive disorders (inability to control emotional outbursts of anger and aggression) throughout life. Anger problems affect everyone, leaving a bright imprint on important aspects of life and can lead to serious conditions, including anger disorder.


In addition, our surroundings are not to be underestimated as well. In fact, the environment in which we live is a major source of anger. Stress, financial problems, abuse, poor social contacts and constant demands on you can all contribute to this destructive emotion.


You may think that the emotional symptom is anger itself, but there are a number of other conditions that indicate that you are failing to deal with anger in a positive and beneficial way. Constant irritability, anger and anxiety are often seen in people who fail to control and manage their anger.


If you feel overtired, have trouble organizing and managing your thoughts, or find yourself thinking about hurting yourself or hurting someone else, it is entirely possible that you are suffering from an anger disorder and another accompanying mental problem. Don't wait for emotions to take control of your life.


Enroll in an Online Anger Management Class

AngerMasters aims to help its clients lead a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. By giving you access to our online anger course, we aim to support you in the battle against anger, teach you how to deal with it, and reduce its detrimental impact on your life. Our course for anger management gives you the opportunity to study the sources of anger, the reasons for its appearance, its external manifestations and, in parallel, introduces you to useful techniques for calming and dealing with it.


Such a program may be required by the court, the probation or parole officer, an employer, a family member, a legal representative, or another organization. Developed and created by a certified anger management instructor and a NAMA (National Anger Management Association) member, our course is designed to meet all these requirements.


Anger Management Classes With Different Durations

In order to meet the national and state standards, we have developed a number of courses with different durations. For instance, our 4-hour anger management class is the shortest one and starts from only $24.99. However, this is the most often required duration by many courts throughout the United States. 


What is more, many participants enroll in the 8-hour anger management classes on AngerMasters as this program provides more in-depth knowledge. This includes a more detailed analysis of anger as a phenomenon, as well as a greater number of techniques to deal with it.


In fact, we offer durations up to 52 hours. However, what all of our courses have in common is the fact that once you complete your class, you receive a free Certificate of Completion. In its essence, the certificate is an official document that certifies that you have successfully completed the online anger management class and is accepted by all institutions, courts and organizations throughout the country that allow distance learning. Yet, some counties are known to reject distance learning classes. This is why we highly recommend our clients to check whether their county will accept the certificate before starting. More comprehensive information can easily be found on our county acceptance page.


What Does Anger Lead to?

The effects of anger on our social life can be devastating. Anger is a common cause of broken relationships, the destruction of families, the loss of jobs. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people believe that anger has no other dimension and underestimate its impact on their own health.


However, increased anxiety is inevitably present when a person suffers from an аnger disorder. Unresolved issues lead to anxiety, which can have a long-term effect on your life. You may complain of rapid breathing, nausea, dizziness, muscle aches and tension, headaches and problems with concentration and memory. Such symptoms make it difficult to perform daily activities and can lead to generalized anger towards life itself.


Long-term anxiety poses serious risks to your physical and emotional state. People who suffer from anxiety for a long time are at risk of heart attack. It is possible to impair the ability to remember, to worsen the quality of sleep and to have problems in personal relationships.

We at AngerMasters believe we can cope with this issue together. Enroll in our anger management class and take a step towards change today! Your future is in your own hands!

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