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16-Week Anger Management Classes

The 16-week anger management class provided by AngerMasters is suitable for individuals who are ready to work on themselves; try to get to know their emotions and strive for controlling them; believe that acute manifestations of anger are an obstacle in their communication and in the proper development of their relationships; and most of all for ones who seek to improve themselves to be better people, employees and citizens.

However, the 16-week anger management course is often mandated by judges, family courts, employers, child welfare, state and county officials. This court-approved anger management class is designed by certified professionals to meet all mentioned requirements and satisfy the needs of our clients by actively participating in their personal growth.

Recognized throughout the United States, the 16-week anger management program is divided into 16 individual sessions, each of which participants get access to on Mondays - the first days of each week, for a total of 16 weeks, or approximately 4 months. Sign up today and take the first step towards anger management!

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  • 16 Weeks to Complete
    16 Weeks are required to complete the course.
  • 16 Sessions Included
    Participants need to complete 16 mandatory sessions.
  • Set Pace Program
    Only one new session weekly, accessible on Mondays.

Nationally Recognized

Court Recognized

Employer Approved

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Course Acceptance
United States
  • Widely accepted by states and counties across the United States
  • Curriculum is developed in compliance with the US national standards
  • Certificate is approved by US entities and officials that allow distance learning
  • Widely recognized across all provinces and territories in Canada
  • Curriculum adheres to the Canadian national standards
  • Certificate is endorsed by Canadian authorities that allow remote learning © · 2024